Why Attend?

Why should I fund a teacher to attend a Marigold Renewal Retreat?   The goal of Marigold is teacher retention.  Schools are losing teachers at a remarkable, unprecedented rate.  What if your teachers could return to work with an excitement that mimics their first year of teaching?  What if they could learn how to set good boundaries both physically and emotionally?  What if they could become positive teacher leaders, advocates for students?  What if they could build a support system that could help them problem solve independently?   All of Marigold’s faculty are current educators and administrators with decades of experience.  We draw from experts who have experience in public, private and charter schools.  The complete focus of a Marigold retreat is teacher support.  Like a good classroom, Marigold will design the needs of the retreat around the needs of a teacher.

Sample experiences at a Marigold Retreat:

Connecting with Administrators.  Marigold participants will have opportunities to work with administrators from public, private and charter school environments.  Find out how to connect with administrators?  How does a teacher communicate most effectively with administrators?  

Storytelling as a way of connecting with other educators.  Examples of prompts:  Why did you choose to teach?  Have you ever thought about leaving teaching?  Why do you continue to teach?  

Mindfulness.  Explore techniques for self-renewal as well as techniques for improving classroom management.  Explore these topics under the expert guidance of a trained mindfulness practitioner.  

Health Coaching.  Why I am tired all of the time?  How can I adjust health habits so that I am my best self both physically and emotionally?  How can I increase my school attendance?  How can I stay consistently present for my students?  Explore these topics under the expert guidance of a trained health coach.  

Art Therapy.  Sometimes it is important to remember why you chose to teach in creative disciplines.  Begin to reconnect with your creative self as an artist.  Can you begin to journal, paint, play your instrument, or sing?  How are you developing yourself as an artist?  Get inspired for cross-disciplinary opportunities in your classroom.  

Book Reviews.  All Marigold participants receive at least two texts to read.  These books springboard book group discussions.  In addition, all participants receive a book list complied by the group as resources for the school year.  Previous texts have included Paul Murphy’s book Exhausted and J. Robin Albertson-Wren’s text Mindfulness for Kids.

Community Building.  Whether it is rooming together, singing beside the campfire, listening to stories, chatting while dining, taking a nature walk together, or just making a new friend, Marigold aims to help teachers form community.  Often these bonds are the deciding factor when supporting teachers through a difficult day or year.  Each retreat group will connect throughout the year through private Facebook group chats.